Both magazine publishers and publishing industry suppliers may join IRMA, suppliers may choose to become either Gold or Silver sponsors.


Membership Benefits

What Members Say About IRMA:

“We are a case study for IRMA - without IRMA, we would not have survived and thrived and understood how to build our ancillary product line, and we’re working on our 30th anniversary issue!”
        -Cindy Hayden, Publisher
          Lake Superior Magazine

“One very productive aspect of the IRMA conferences is the informal sharing of information, everything from contributors’ fees to good advertising strategies. Questions come up outside the formal presentations in the spirit of working together.”

        -Elizabeth Folwell,
          Creative Director
          Adirondack Life

To meet all qualifications for membership, a magazine must…

All membership applications must be accepted by the board of directors through a majority vote. The board defines a regional magazine as one that covers a specific geographical area larger than a city and smaller than a nation (except for small nations).

Provisional membership may be granted by the board of directors if the board believes the magazine will meet all of these requirements within a two-year period.

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Any person, firm or corporation engaged in a business allied to the publishing of regional magazines may join.

It’s About Access

IRMA sponsorship is not about sitting at a table/booth hoping that the membership comes by to speak to you. It’s about total integration with the membership—being in the seminars, at the meals, on the field trips and most importantly in the hospitality suite every evening. It is about not being treated as a vendor but as a partner. It is about being able to call a publisher, editor or anyone in a member organizations and saying that you are an IRMA sponsor and getting right in the door.

What Sponsors Say About IRMA:

“Nothing that I had heard about previous IRMA conferences could have prepared me for how enjoyable your group would be.  I was not only impressed with how openly you shared ideas and comments, but how much fun you had doing so.”

—Ora Lee Keaton, Senior Vice President, Publishing Services Group, Worldcolor

“The Conference was indeed very special and you can count us in for all IRMA events.  Thanks again for making us feel welcome and part of IRMA.”

—Mark Pratt, Vice President, Business Development, Metro Publisher

“The people of IRMA are a unique group.  The Association is a wonderful and inspiring club. I’m thrilled to be a part of IRMA.”

—P.J. Burnsky, Sales Executive, Fry Communications

Gold Sponsor Benefits

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Silver Sponsor Benefits

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